Car Body Shop

Sika® Remover-208

Cleaning agent for surface preparation and removal of uncured adhesives and sealants.

Sikaflex®-529 AT

Sprayable sealant for vehicle bodies.

Sikaflex® Fix

Multipurpose polyurethane joint sealer.

Sikaflex®-552 AT

High performance assembly adhesive.

Sika Cleaner®- 205

Pre-treatment agent for non-porous substrates

Sika Primer®- 206 G+P

Sika Primer-206 G+P is a black, moisture-curing liquid primer specifically formulated for the treatment of bond faces in direct glazing work prior to application of Sika polyurethane direct glazing adhesives and to improve adhesion of other Sika products.

Sika® Aktivator & single use Aktivator Pads

Sika® Aktivator is an activating agent to improve adhesion. It is specifically formulated for the treatment of bond faces prior to application of various Sika polyurethane adhesives.


The black-primerless windscreen adhesive system for direct glazing in automotive glass replacement.