Quality first

Already in 1910, the founding year of the company, Sika developed the first admixture for cementitious mixtures. Since that time Sika has been everywhere, where cement, gravel, sand and water are processed into mortar or concrete as a steadfast partner for economical construction of durable structures. Sika’s solutions for the manufacturing of concrete need not only to be cost-effective, but must also be adapted particularly to the cement employed as well as to the type of application. In concrete mixing plants, on building sites or in the manufacture of pre-fabricated concrete components, our solutions are individually tuned to the respective requirements.

The Business Unit Sika Concrete offers a broad palette of concrete admixtures, including water-reducing flow agents, hydrophobia agents, air entrainers, set retarders, pumping aids, corrosion inhibitors, shrinkage reducers and other additives.

An additional focus is shotcrete additives for wet and dry applications. Included in these categories are high performance water reducers and flow agents, accelerators, rebound reducers and additional system components as well as ready-mix gunite.

Alongside such Sika product families as ViscoCrete, Sika Plast, Sikament, Sigunit, SikaRapid, Sika Concrete also carries and develops such specialty products as SikaControl, Sika ViscoFlow and Sika FerroGard. Products for concrete manufacturing distinguish themselves significantly from other products: as admixtures they are present in the building material concrete only in very limited proportion. They cannot properly be called end products, but rather they are introduced into the concrete mixture depending upon factory or building site demands. Even if they are no longer visible in the completely cured concrete, their properties are nonetheless noticeable.

One of the responsibilities of the Business Unit Concrete consists in knowing precisely the complex dependencies between locally available components (sand and gravel), regionally produced binding agents (cement and additives), the available water, the manufactured end product concrete and the concrete admixtures. In addition, this unit is responsible worldwide for development and delivery of appropriate training and information. Basically, every concrete mixture is an “invention” in itself. Therefore Sika and its Group R&D department support the continual development of new, cost-effective polymers, since these compose the basis of highly individualized products that come into use on building sites. More than three-quarters of our products serve the improvement of the quality of concrete.

Key Account Management (KAM) – Concrete Producers. 
The Business Unit Concrete services in the majority important customers of international cement and concrete manufacturers. Typical for these globally active firms is their “culture of permanent change.” They therefore expect the same flexibility from their business partners, since they themselves face rapid and continuous alteration of their fields of activity and must respond effectively.

Key Project Management (KPM) 
The Business Unit Concrete supports major construction projects throughout the world. The most significant of these projects are generally conducted by major international customers. To support these customers is an essential responsibility of Sika Group Key Project Management.

Key Account Management – Main Contractors
Construction companies are exceedingly important partners and customers for Sika. We are proud to collaborate with a great many of the largest and best-respected firms in the world. Doing this requires that we be internationally positioned and that we provide a high level of coordination. Sika Key Account Management, which services major enterprises, assumes above all the following mandates:

  • Collaboration with our major international clients at their headquarter location.
  • Support of construction companies in the quotation phase and in the planning of international projects.
  • Mediation between international clients and Sika subsidiaries onsite.
  • Project monitoring and support of Sika Project Management.

All of these activities are carried out in close coordination with Sika Project Management. Together we are even more successful.

Structural Waterproofing (SWP) for Contractors
All infrastructure as well as the lower levels of multi-story buildings must be durably protected against water. These requirements are met with system solutions such as waterproof concrete tanking (white box system) or additionally installed sealing and waterproofing solutions. Products employed in these solutions include SikaPlan, Sika Jointing Bands, Sika Combiflex or also Sika injections. Profound knowledge not only of product technology, but also about its multi-faceted application ensures the achievement of the required level of impermeability of the total structure.