Sika’s high performance products proved to be indispensable in the construction of the eight megalitre Chatty Reservoir at Despatch in the Eastern Cape, ensuring optimum strength and durability for this important water storage facility. Sika’s extensive range of fast curing sealants and concrete additives were also central to the smooth running of the project.

The Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Municipality appointed Africoast Engineers and W.K. Construction to commence work on the project in November 2007, for completion in November 2009. Sika’s specialised applications were their first choice for use in the expansion joints and for waterproofing, cement additives and general reinforcing.

The Sikadur-Combiflex system, one of Sika’s renowned joint sealing systems developed specifically for use in water retaining structures, was used extensively. Sika’s technical managers were delighted to provide intensive training and site assistance regularly as the construction labour had not used the Sika Combiflex systems before. Sikadur-Combiflex is a flexible “bandage” sealing system that is excellent for sealing high movement and irregular joints and cracks, especially where the use of conventional sealing techniques is not possible.

Sikadur-Combiflex was used with Sikadur-31CF Normal, a Thixotropic epoxy resin adhesive for thin film and plate bonding, concrete repairs, bolt grouting and crack and surface sealing, making them the perfect combination for this application. Sikaflex-11FC+, a fast curing one component polyurethane sealant and adhesive from Sika’s range of façade joint sealants, was used to seal the wall joints.

The waterproofing was easily taken care of using Sika Cemflex, a universal waterproofing and bonding agent especially for waterproofing reservoirs, silos and retaining walls. It is one of Sika’s rigid waterproofing systems intended as a waterproofing admixture for mortars that can also be utilised as a bonding/bagging agent for plasters and renders. SikaTop-Seal 107 was the speciality application chosen as the waterproofing barrier for the kickers, because it is a two part polymer modified cementitious waterproof mortar slurry that forms a protective and waterproof coating on interior or exterior concrete or mortar surfaces, offering a rigid waterproof barrier.

The site batched concrete that was used on the project required extended workability, but fortunately Sika was once again able to provide the perfect solution, a concrete admixture called Sika ViscoCrete-3088, a high performance superplasticiser from amongst Sika’s ultra high range water reducers.

The entire structure was reinforced with Sikadur-30 and Sika Carbodur S512. Sikadur-30, a solvent-free thixotropic structural two-part adhesive for bonding structural reinforcement, particularly in structural strengthening works, is one of Sika’s rigid bonding systems, while Sika Carbodur is an external structural strengthening system that uses carbon fibre plate for the structural strengthening of concrete, steel and timber members.

Finally, Sika’s Colma Cleaner was the general all purpose cleaner used to clean all the tools and metal components on site, making Sika’s contribution to the success of this important project all-encompassing.