An innovative idea for the retail sector is Sika’s new Model House – the ideal selling tool for capturing the domestic DIY market. Developed by Sika’s Marketing team, the model house demonstrates the wide range and versatility of Sika’s products in the most practical and user-friendly way. The brightly coloured and perfectly formed mini house has been made with precise attention to detail, including all the significant structures of the building that Sika products cater to. Each significant part of the house is labelled with the names of the appropriate Sika products for use in them. From outside balconies to windows, roofs and walls, there are even basins, baths and toilets in the bathrooms!

This unique selling tool is the ideal companion to Sika’s “DIY So Simple” advertising theme and makes an impactful statement when positioned eye-catchingly in front of the store backed up by Sika branded banners.

Regan Naidoo, Sika’s sales rep who launched the model house promotion at Builder’s Express in Durban, was enthusiastic in his comment: “The house is creating more awareness of Sika products targeted at the DIY trade, especially those who don’t know the Sika brand. It’s sparking creative ideas to end users of the versatility of Sika products and provides a holistic offering of our DIY range.” He said. “It also promotes spontaneous purchases to those who came in to buy another product but are reminded about a household job that needs fixing and end up buying the Sika product!” Regan is happy with the Sika house as he hopes to benefit by the increase in his monthly sales figures!

“We appreciate that we were given the opportunity to be the first store to display Sika’s Model House,” said Mervyn Ragaven, Builder’s Express branch manager. “Our most important relationships are with our suppliers and I look forward to developing our relationship with Sika through such promotions. We felt it was important to raise awareness of the Sika brand by positioning the house in the front of the store - given its uniqueness and captivating look.”

Each of the four regions within Sika South Africa (Gauteng, Western Cape, Eastern Cape and KZN) will be furnished with exact replicas of the Sika Model House. We are sure DIY retailers will be jostling with each other to secure Sika model house promotional displays in their stores!