Sikafloor’s Internationally renowned PurCem range now locally maufactured by Sika S.A.

PurCem, Sika’s internationally produced range of high performance flooring roducts has been approved by Sika Corporate technical group for manufacture in South Africa, making this former import now more affordable to the SA market; A heavy to medium resistant screed, PurCem performs under the most demanding service environments.

Advantages of using Sika’s PurCem range are:

- High wear resistance

- High chemical resistance

- Slip Resistance

- Odour free

- Hygienic

- Easy cleaning

- Coloured

A selection of top flooring contractors including Vertigo Flooring, Floorcon, Retail Flooring Systems, Duraco, Cream Renovate, Sealcon, McVuka attended a PurCem product training and awareness evening at Sika Head office in November 2008. All delegates were suitably impressed with the application and quality of the product.