Hein Woolfaardt Architects specified Sika’s internationally approved products when new roofing had to be installed at Sand and Sea, an apartment block situated across the road from the Atlantic Ocean in Blouberg, north of Cape Town. The existing roof of Sand and Sea, coated with old bituminous torch-on and silver paint, had incorrect falls resulting in ponding and leaking. De Vos Paxton Engineers were contracted to remove the old torch-on plus the existing screed and to replace it with new, correctly falling screed, covering an area of 1000m².

Unfortunately, significant delays ensued due to the project having started in winter. Rain and mist, along with some areas of the roof being in shade for most of the day, resulted in a four-week drying period for the screed, with some places still displaying high moisture readings even after this lengthy waiting period. The contractor of choice to apply Sika’s high performance Sikalastic MTC (Moisture Triggered Chemicals) System was Indawo Painting and Waterproofing.Joints in the new screed were sealed with Sikaflex-11FC, a one-part, moisture-curing elastic sealant and multipurpose adhesive providing excellent weather and ageing resistance.

The screed was then coated with Sika Concrete Primer. Sika Reemat was first rolled into the base coat Sikalastic-602BR (@1.4kg/m²), a cold-applied, seamless and fully bonded, highly elastic polyurethane membrane, prior to application on all the intricate areas of the roof. This fast-curing, crack-bridging membrane rapidly becomes resistant to rain damage and is highly root resistant. The base coat was covered with two applications; grey first, followed by a layer of white Sikalastic-621TC (@1.2kg/m²), a highly durable, UV stable, versatile and easily applied liquid waterproofing topcoat. This one-component, moisture-triggered, polyurethane membrane is ideal for roofs displaying complex areas of detail and geometry, where accessibility is limited.

Now that this weather-interrupted project has finally reached completion, Sand and Sea Body Corporate can feel highly confident in the longevity of its new roof, having been protected and waterproofed with Sika products whose proven technology boasts a track record of over twenty years.