The food industry is renowned for maintaining rigid hygiene controls within its manufacturing environments so it was no surprise that the contractor supplying the flooring to FlavourCraft’s renovations specified Sika’s hygienically robust flooring systems.

FlavourCraft, a manufacturer producing powdered food flavourings situated in New Germany, Durban, required comprehensive renovations to their food processing area, which would include a hygienic environment able to withstand constant cleaning with hot water, and a heavy flow of traffic. Sika’s PurCem system of products was the first choice of the contractor, Concrete Laser Flooring (CLF).

The first phase of the project involved removing all existing floor and wall tiles – approximately 280m² and 300m² respectively - followed by repairs to the substrate. The floor area was coated with a 6mm layer of Sikafloor-20N PurCem (115 kits), a heavy duty, high strength, easy trowel polyurethane screed. This three-part, resin-rich flooring product provides an ideal surface for food processing plants as it retains its physical characteristics through a wide range of temperatures (-40°C – 120°C) and offers excellent chemical resistance to organic and inorganic acids, alkalis, amins, salts and solvents. It is odourless, jointless, and VOC free. Ideal for heavy traffic flow, the bond strength of Sikafloor-20N PurCem exceeds the tensile strength of concrete, and offers high mechanical resistance - when subjected to impact, it behaves plastically and will deform but will not crack or debond. Its silica aggregate structure results in high abrasion resistance and the natural textured surface provides anti-slip traction. A rapid one step application and the fluid consistency of Sikafloor-20N PurCem requires less labour than conventional heavy-duty modified PU trowel grade screeds. It is extremely fast-curing - full service may be resumed after twelve hours - thereby reducing production downtime to an absolute minimum.

Following the floor application, the walls of the food processing area were covered in two coats of Sikafloor-31N PurCem (60 kits), a solvent-free polyurethane coating. This three-part, high build, coloured, matt finish, cement and aggregate coating offers excellent chemical resistance and very good resistance to abrasion and mechanical damage. Designed to be used as a stand alone, chemical resistant, high build coating in food processing plants, wet or dry process areas, freezers and coolers, Sikafloor 31N Purcem was ideal for this food plant. It also provides an improved aesthetic finish to the other products used in this range of Sikafloor PurCem and guarantees excellent long term wear resistance from a two coat application.

The final phase of the FlavourCraft project involved covering the covings with Sikafloor-29N PurCem (10 kits), a high strength polyurethane coving and detailing mortar. This three part, water dispersed, vertical grade coloured cement has a finely textured, smooth aggregate appearance which offers profound resistance to abrasion, chemical attack and mechanical damage. In keeping with the rest of the PurCem range, it is ideal for use in food processing plants.

As FlavourCraft manufactures a variety of richly coloured powders and spices, they were practical in their choice of Oxide Red for all three of the PurCem products used, to avoid potential staining of the walls and floors of their food processing area.

A 24hour-a-day operation, production at FlavourCraft could not be halted for longer than six days. With the combination of CLF teams working shifts around the clock, and Sika’s reliable, fast acting products, the project was completed in the limited time allocated.

FlavourCraft can rest assured that the surfaces of its factory area conform to international health regulations and will withstand the rigorous manufacturing processes for many years to come.