Over years, De Ville Shopping Mall in Durbanville, Cape Town, has attracted high volumes of daily foot traffic, and general wear and tear has resulted in the need for a major facelift. In October 2010 renovations to the mall began, which included the construction of a new Virgin Active gymnasium and a multi-level car park. Virgin Active management understood the importance of covering its two level gymnasium with high impact, aesthetically pleasing flooring that was also abrasion resistant. Design Line Architects had no hesitation in specifying one of Sika’s internationally approved polyurethane flooring products which met all the client’s requirements and which, like good wine, actually improve with age.

Once construction of the gymnasium had been completed by contractor, WBHO, flooring specialists Western Province Flooring were sub-contracted to install the flooring for the entrance, waiting area, walkways and staircase of the gym, an area covering approximately 500m². These areas were coated with Sikafloor-21N PurCem (dark grey) (230 kits), a three-part, water dispersed, medium to high strength, polyurethane modified cement and aggregate screed with self-smoothing properties. It has an aesthetic, easy to maintain, smooth textured surface providing medium slip resistance and is typically installed 4.5 to 6mm thick. Its silica aggregate structure provides high abrasion resistance and when subjected to impact, Sikafloor-21N PurCem behaves plastically; it will deform but will not crack or debond. It is non-tainting, odourless, VOC free and its bond strength is in excess of the tensile strength of concrete.

Sikafloor-21N PurCem is a jointless flooring system, requiring no extra expansion joints. Therefore existing expansion joints are simply retained and extended up through the screed. Besides being ideal for flooring in gymnasiums, Sikafloor-21N PurCem provides excellent chemical resistance and retains its physical characteristics through a wide range of temperatures, making it the top choice for food processing plants, freezer rooms, chemical plants and laboratories.

The sub-contractor Western Province Flooring completed the project timeously, ready for the opening of the new gymnasium in December 2010. This efficiency was undoubtedly boosted by Sikafloor-21N PurCem’s capacity for application onto “green” (7-10 day old) concrete, after adequate preparation and with tensile bond strength in excess of 1.5MPa.

A number of Sika’s steadfast repair products were also used in the general renovations to the mall, following a redesign; these included: SikaTop-Armatec 110 EpoCem, a three-component anti-corrosion coating and bonding agent; Sika MonoTop-610, a bonding slurry and primer with active anti-corrosion inhibitors; Sika MonoTop-612, a high strength mortar containing silica fume and synthetic fibre reinforcement; and Sika MonoTop-615 HB, a repair and reprofiling mortar designed for thick concrete repairs especially overhead and vertical applications.

Antisol E was used as a curing compound for the new concrete and high performance Sika Grout-212 was used throughout. Epoxy dowelling systems used in the renovations included Sikadur-31 CF Normal, a two-part, thixotropic adhesive and repair mortar; Sikadur-32N, a solvent-free, moisture insensitive, medium viscosity, structural bonding agent; and Sika Anchorfix-2, a high performance solvent- and styrene-free, anchoring adhesive.

Thanks to Sika’s world-renowned products, Virgin Active is guaranteed that the flooring in its De Ville gymnasium will remain highly functional and visually appealing for many years to come, and the Durbanville community can enjoy a beautifully renovated shopping mall.