Sika’s world-renowned products were the top choice of specifier Qualytech when the Pavilion Shopping Centre in Westville, Durban, required various renovations. Being one of the busiest malls in Kwa-Zulu Natal, it was of utmost importance that any inconveniences to shoppers and shop tenants were kept to a minimum. A strict working schedule was therefore devised by the main contractor, Rock Construction, who divided the project into distinctive phases and areas.

Sika was called on to fulfill various vital parts of the contract; the first entailing waterproofing and resealing the main expansion joints in all the parking decks. As a primary waterproofing barrier, Sikaflex 11FC, a one-part, moisture-curing, elastic joint sealant, was inserted into the joints. Providing good mechanical resistance and bubble-free curing, this sealant is also resistant to weathering and ageing. The joints were then sealed using the renowned Sikadur-Combiflex System consisting of Sikadur-Combiflex Tape (150mm x 2mm), which is a flexible Hypalon waterproofing bandage that is glued with Sikadur-31CF, an epoxy adhesive. This high performance, fast curing system is easy to install, extremely flexible, weather and water resistant, and performs well within a wide range of temperatures. It provides excellent adhesion to many surfaces, including both dry and damp concrete substrates, and provides good chemical resistance. Once the Sikadur-Combiflex System had been applied and recessed into each expansion joint, it was then covered with a rubber strip for protection.

Various façade joints in the shopping mall were repaired and restored with Sikaflex AT-Façade, a one-part, moisture curing elastic sealant based on Silane Terminated Polymers. Fulfilling ISO 11600F, Class 25 LM, this high performance sealant provides movement capability of 25%, low stress to the substrate and excellent workability. Sikaflex AT-Façade is solvent and silicone free and extremely UV resistant. The façade joints were prepared with Sika Primer-3N, a one component, epoxy-polyurethane solvent-based primer that is easy to apply, provides good wetting out properties and is suitable for use on matt-moist substrates.

A third phase of the contract was to waterproof the many different entrances to the mall. This involved removing all existing tiles, waterproofing the areas with a slurry and membrane, and then retiling. The product of choice was Sika’s Cemflex, an acrylic based emulsion that improves the water resistance and adhesion of Portland cement based composites. Mixed with cement and water, Cemflex forms effective waterproofing slurry that, when used in conjunction with Cemflex Fabric, provides a watertight seal for retaining walls and any walls and floors under tiles. It is non-toxic, oil resistant and provides good abrasion resistance.

Ensuring the efficient running of this complex renovation project was an absolute priority to keep both shoppers and shop tenants satisfied, and Sika was dependably able to meet supply and demand of all products. The Pavillion Shopping Centre renovation project, which started in February 2011 and is due for completion in December 2011 is all the more stable and durable for the extensive use of Sika’s world-class products, providing advanced technology and innovative solutions.