SHEQ Management System Integrated Management System Manual Approval

Issue Date: 14/05/2010 Rev: 1
Sika South Africa (Ptv) Ltd is a long established manufacturer and supplier of waterproofing, adhesive and specialised chemicals for the building, construction and automotive industries. We are committed to continual improvement in safety, health, environmental performance. This is nonnegotiable in our drive towards Zero Harm.
• We believe that all injuries and environmental incidents are preventable
• The safety of our employees, visitors and contractors and the prevention and minimization of any impact on the environment is a non-negotiable value
• Leaders at all levels in the organization are role models in the management of safety and environmental matters
• At-risk behaviours are not acceptable and are addressed when observed.
• Excellent safety, health and environmental performance is recognized as good business practices Safety, health and environmental management is integrated in the way we do our business and forms a core element of our decision making processes to benefit our stakeholders and the community at large.
To achieve our goal we are committed to :
• Comply with applicable legal and other requirements as a minimum standard.
• Continually improve our performance through management reviews and open relations with all stakeholders.
• The prevention of accidents/incidents and pollution; the reduction of waste; and the efficient use of energy sources.
• Promoting safety, health and environmental awareness. Our performance in these endeavours will be monitored and measured against our targets and
objectives set and endorsed by management; and in compliance with ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. Our employees have a responsibility to work within the required standards and actively promote and support this policy.