Giving back to the community is something that Sika takes great pride in doing. Mervyn Naidoo, Regional Manager Sika KZN, recently offered assistance to a needy school in Estcourt, KZN. Forderville Primary is a government school with 840 learners, many from previously disadvantaged communities. After much fundraising, a school hall was built which is used by the school, the Department of Education, local community groups and private individuals.

Mervyn met with the principal of Forderville Primary, Anil Sookraj, to find out how Sika could assist and was gratefully shown the school hall floor. The floor was in very bad shape, with painted over concrete that had started cracking and crumbling in places. Sika recommended they use Sikafloor-261, platinum grey for the 360m² surface. Vijay Ramkissoon from Westside Trading Construction, specialists in laying epoxy floors, agreed to sponsor the laying of the new floor for Forderville Primary. The damaged concrete was pulled up and fresh concrete was laid so that it would be easier to lay the new epoxy floor. Westside Trading Construction then diamond grinded the floor, primed the floor area and applied a 3mm self-levelling epoxy, Sikafloor-261. After the first layer was coated, the cracks were still showing up, so Sikadur-AP was used to fill the cracks in the floor and then the final coat of epoxy was laid.

The school was so overwhelmed by Sika’s donation and support that they proposed that Sika use their school as a means of advertising. A sign was erected near the road on the outskirts of the school and on the outside wall of the school hall. The Principal of Forderville Primary thanked Sika by saying:

“We appreciate the kindness of Sika in agreeing to coat our School Hall floor. We are willing to allow Sika to advertise their products to the general public using the school premises. This can be done through banners and posters.”