In need of two new canoes for on-river safety services, Canoe South Africa (CSA) approached Sika to become a sponsor in exchange for corporate branding on theIR river craft.

CSA Chairman, Rob Hill said they were looking for a partner who supports a “Safety First, Safety Always and No Compromise” policy. In total support of this safety policy, Sika gladly agreed to sponsor the two new canoes, which would be seen at major canoe events and marathons in KZN.

These two new canoes would be used by the sweep team, which forms part of the on-river service; a group of select, certified and capable paddlers who take to the river to accompany the back markers and offer assistance to those in need. The river safety and sweep team is a key support for paddlers and it’s now mandatory to have a presence on all river events, whether major grand prix or schools’ events. There are 17 events in KZN and one in the Eastern Cape annually.

The CSA canoes have been decorated with Sika’s bright red and yellow branding and have already been used for the 2013 Hansa Fish Canoe Marathon. The CSA is very appreciative of the sponsorship and Sika looks forward to supporting future endeavours of this valuable organisation.