Sika upgrades Tivoli Gardens

When the upmarket Tivoli Gardens residential complex in North Riding, Johannesburg, required an effective water repellent treatment, Architect Friederich Nel confidently specified Sika’s Sikagard-703 W for the project. Contractor, Paint and Power, was awarded the contract to apply Sikagard-703 W to all exterior walls of each cluster home as well as all boundary walls.

Since it is water based, Sikagard-703 W is environmentally friendly and may be over coated with water- or solvent-based polymer paints. As a protective coat against water ingress, Sikagard-703 W may be applied to many facades including mortar, masonry, brick and stone with the optimum hydrophobic impregnation being achieved within a few days. This ready to use emulsion is based on a combination of silane and siloxane, and since it is usually invisible, does not alter the substrate aspect.

The careful removal of plants growing in close proximity to the walls of the complex, posed the biggest challenge for the contractor. Once accessible, the walls were coated with Sikagard-703 W by means of a conventional low-pressure spray, although a brush or roller may also be used for application. Sikagard-703 W is vapour permeable, provides improved resistance to dirt pick-up and reduces fungal, algal and lichen growth.

By completion of the project in August 2014, Paint and Power had applied almost 5,000 litres (24 x 200 litres) of Sikagard-703 W to the various facades of Tivoli Gardens. This top quality, internationally approved product has given complete peace of mind to the owners of these beautiful Tuscan style homes.