Sika South Africa- Social Investment

Each year Sika SA chooses to support various projects around the country that will benefit the less fortunate in our communities. In 2015 Sika donated product, time, cash, promotional items and technical devices to the value of nearly R1.1 million.

Our long standing relationship with Focus on iThemba continued in 2015 with a number of different activities. A tablet was donated to the new PreSchool as a teacher’s aide (R5916.02). The floors were also treated with a Sika Curehard-24, ensuring the longevity of the corridors as well as adding its benefits of non-slip and a professional-looking finish (R19726.77).

Sika SA is also home to a large contingent of avid sports enthusiasts, some of whom pride themselves on their paddling talents in Canoeing. A big drive is the safety aspect of this sport and Sika decided to support the ‘Safety First, Safety Always and No Compromise’ initiative, alongside CSA (Canoe SA). By contributing towards the cost of kayaks and branded sportswear, Sika donated a total of R23521.

More recently a R5000 donation was made to assist Sergio Windvogel, a 13 year old boy, with his school fees. The aim is to support him throughout his high school career and ensure he achieves his matric certificate. This can be made possible with Sika and the other participating companies and individuals who lend their support to such a cause.

With many other projects and initiatives that take place throughout the year, Sika will always try to help where possible, yet strives to continue supporting established relationships that have been built over time.