Our floor coating systems for wet areas are designed to suit the specific conditions encountered in these particular areas, including food and beverage facilities, ablutions, pool areas, etc.

Advantages of Our Flooring Systems

Employee safety is one of the most important requirements for any workplace. Slips and falls are among the most common injuries at work. They account for about 86% of total injuries, and 90% of these happen because the floor is wet. These injuries are particularly prevalent in the food industry, where they occur four times more often than the average in other industries. Injuries can create significant impacts to all involved. The most significant is the suffering and possible disabling of the person injured. The next is impact on the company — financial, loss of key staff, loss of productivity, and liability.


  • Seamless
  • Easy-to-clean
  • Safety from slips and falls
  • Variety of colours, surface textures - both in matte and glossy finish
  • Great facility aesthetics
  • High wear and chemical resistance, making it perfect to handle heavy traffic, abrasion or harsh chemicals
Hygenic, non-slip and easy to clean flooring systems at Pilger Bakery in Germany.
Sport center sauna spa footbath with tile floor adhesive in Fitnesspark Allmend Switzerland