Gateway Shopping Mall

Sika’s external structural strengthening carbon fibre system offered a flexible and versatile solution to a tricky problem at the Gateway Shopping Centre.

The Gateway Shopping Centre is an upmarket shopping centre  situated in the heart of Umhlanga Rocks, north coast of Kwa-Zulu Natal, offering an overall entertainment experience. Additions to the Shopping Mall have necessitated the conversion of part of the Parking area into shops and a Hotel. The beams and roof slabs, have required strengthening to take this additional loading and this is where Sika‘s Internationally respected Carbodur Carbon fibre plates were used.

Sika Carbodur S1014 (7300metres) and Sikadur 30 (510 kits/ 10200 litres) were specified for the external structural stengthening of the beams and roof slabs.  Sika Carbodur plates are pultruded carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) laminates designed for strengthening of Concrete, masonry and steel structures. The carbon fibre plates were bonded onto the of soffit roof slab using Sikadur-30, This adhesive for bonding Carbodur is a primerless  structural epoxy adhesiveideal for bonding to concrete, masonry and steel.,The application of the Sika Carbodur S1014 has allowed for the  increased load capacity of the floor slabs in the sections where heavier equipment was installed.   

The high strength and excellent durability of the Sika Carbodur structural strengthening products made them an ideal choice for this application.

The time constraints of the construction programme was challenging, as contractors Amsteele Systems, were given only six weeks to complete this project. Therefore the correct products needed to be applied effectively in a short period of time with the best overall outcome.

Sika has proven once again that it has a product for every application and a solution to every problem, ensuring that Sika will have to correct solution for even complex and challenging projects.