House Kotze

House Kotze- Voelklip based in Hermanus, Cape Town

7 February 2018 saw the initial phase of the project when Sika’s specialized products were specified by Konstruktafix Contractors. The residential building floor had considerably deteriorated over time and had to be completely removed and redone. The client specified that the floor was to withstand medium to heavy wear and have an attractive and clean finish.

For thick layer concrete repairs, the entire balcony had to be re-profiled using approximately 100kg Sika MonoTop-615 HB. This cementitious, polymer-modified, one-component repair and reprofiling mortar containing silica fume and Ferrogard corrosion inhibitors,  is sprayable by the wet spray method and offers good mechanical strength, good freeze/thaw resistance and good resistance to water and chloride penetration. Sika MonoTop-615 HB provides outstanding workability characteristics including adjustable consistency and excellent thixotropic behaviour.

SikaTop Armatec-110 EpoCem (450 kits) was applied as a bonding agent for Sika MonoTop-615 HB, for reinforcement corrosion protection to all the badly corroded steel and concrete surfaces. This internationally approved cementitious, epoxy resin compensated three-component coating material, provides several advantages including extended open times for repair mortars, excellent adhesion to concrete and steel, good resistance to water and chloride penetration and high shear strength.

For thin layer rendering on the internal walls and soffits, Sika MonoTop-620 was the product of choice. A cementitious pore sealer and levelling mortar containing silica fume, it provides excellent adhesion to mortars and concrete.  All Sika MonoTop
products are sprayable by the wet spray method and provide several advantages
including adjustable consistencies, excellent workability characteristics and good mechanical strengths.

To blend the colours of the concrete in order for it to look more uniformed, the product of choice was Sika TopSeal-107 ZA, a two-part mortar slurry comprising a liquid polymer and a cement-based mix incorporating special admixtures. It is easy to
apply and provides excellent adhesion while protecting concrete against carbonation
and water penetration.

Hands on Training was donewith the contractor, which included a basic overview of the SikaTop Armatec-110 EpoCem and a full practical and theoretical training on the Sika MonoTop-615 HB as well as the Sika MonoTop-620 where the products were explained in detail and the workers were able to get a feel for the product during the practical application.

The completion of this project will render the floors completely overhauled and in line with the owners specifications.  Sika has the technology backing to provide
solutions for all refurbishment projects, both commercial and residential. The House Kotze and its residence can rest assured that there will be no further deterioration of the concrete flooring.