Sanisil - a cut above the rest

Sealing – is one of the most important jobs in waterproofing your Bathroom or Kitchen.

A well-sealed bathroom and kitchen prevents mould, leaks and water damage to your cabinets.

Sanisil® is a one-part acetic moisture curing silicone sealant suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

Silicones are often filled with fillers to make them cheaper and the result of this is that they shrink when exposed to heat, as in a bathroom or shower. Cheaper silicones also do not always have good fungal inhibitor properties and end up going black fairly quickly.

The advice for consumers is to go for Quality Brands that are well known in the market place for providing quality products.

Sika recommends our International approved Sanisil® sanitary silicone sealant for your bathroom and Kitchen projects. Sanisil® is a single component acetic moisture curing silicone sealant suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. It is suitable for sanitary or other sealing applications where long term fungus and mildew resistance is required.

The advantages of using Sanisil®

§ Long term fungus and mildew resistance

§ Excellent UV and weathering resistance

§ High elasticity and flexibility

§ Solvent free

§ Excellent adhesion to a wide range of substrates

§ Very low shrinkage

To complement Sanisil®, Sika has recently launched a handy silicone tool to make all sealing jobs even easier.. The Sika Scraper & Smoother is a 2 in 1 tough plastic tool which has a sharp scraper end to remove the old sealant from the joint and 5 interchangeable smooth sealant edges to get that perfect finish.

Sika Scraper & Smoother Uses include:

§  Seals around bathtubs, showers, sinks, etc.

§  Joints around worktops, kitchen sinks, etc.

§  Finishes joints - vertical or horizontal between floor and plinth, etc.