Sika changes its skin – new customer oriented packaging!

Changes to labeling and artwork for Sika products are in progress right
now. The product labels and packaging artwork are being rebranded to reflect Sika’s personality of building trust with its customers. For the clients, products should become more handy and useful than the previous packaging.


With the new corporate design, which was introduced in 2013, a basis for clearer lines and better reader orientation was created, which also applies to the Sika products now. The growing product range was taken into account when it comes to space, as well as the changing needs of the market. Sika is proud to
introduce an exciting new packaging design across the entire product range. Our packaging design might have changed, but our promise stays the same: To provide you with expert products you can rely on.


So there are new different label versions, which are more suitable and usable for the different user groups. This can be designations, descriptions of a product or the use of images. Sika has renewed pictures and drawings on the cartridges, boxes, bags and buckets, and now it will be easier to see which application field the specific product is suitable for – whether for professional specialists, retail trade, craftsmen or DIY users.


The goal is to deliver a clear product message and simple orientation, which will make it even easier for all customers to identify which Sika product you need and what that product can deliver for you. With the exception of the
logo and the prominent use of Sika-colors, the visibility of the Sika products has
been improved and at the same time Sika has created a unique, standalone product label design.

All Sika packaging is as recyclable as possible. All paper packaging is certificated, plastics are recycled for other productions and the steel and other metal sheets of barrels are re-used for production again after use. The materials needed for some packaging is minimized, which makes a big saving in total.


Though Sika’s packaging will be modified, the contents inside will not. There are no changes to form, fit or function for any of these products. You will receive the excellent quality you are used to getting. All Sika solutions are designed with the customers’ success in mind and to build long lasting and mutually beneficial relationships.


The implementation of the new packaging worldwide is about to start. You can buy the first examples as of the 1st half of 2017 and the rest will be rolled out over the 2nd half of 2017. Please understand that there will be a transition period when the old packaging design and new packaging design are both available in the market.