Umgeni Water Relies on Sika System

An extensive overhaul of the Wiggins Waste Water Reservoir was approved by Umgeni Water Board mid-2017.  The scope of the refurbishment included considerable work to the walls and columns for both construction and expansion joints as well as strengthening of the reservoir roof joints.

Engineers, Royal Haskoning PMB, specified Sika’s acclaimed Sikaflex Pro-3 i-cure for reseal of all joints and Sikadur-Combiflex SG Bandage system for the final stages of the project in completing the roof joints. Full on- site support was undertaken by Sika Technical Sales Consultant, Mark Duckham, where the contractor, AquaProof Projects was well informed about product performance, correct application methods and technical data.

The requirements of the project were to waterproof the internal joints of the reservoir and prevent the unit from leaking, using a proven high quality system. Sika is relied upon for its innovation and consistency in the field of construction, especially when it comes to the sealing of large structures such as this reservoir. For this application, Sikaflex PRO-3 i-cure, a high performance, elastic joint sealant, was specified for sealing all floor joints. Sika Pro-3i is suitable for contact with drinking water contact and has International approvals in this regard. It is solvent-free and odourless with very low emission, Sikaflex PRO-3 i-cure provides a very high movement capability, high mechanical and chemical resistance and bubble-free curing. Further waterproofing and damp-proofing of the buildings were achieved by applications of SikaTop Seal-107 ZA, a two-part, mortar slurry comprising a liquid polymer and a cement based mix incorporating special admixtures.

Sika’s high strength, shrinkage compensated grout, SikaGrout-212 has been used under all new precast concrete barriers. This fluid grout provides adjustable consistency, rapid strength development and high final strengths. It expands by gas generation whilst in the plastic state of curing.

The Sikadur-Combiflex Bandage System was used to seal the reservoir roof joints in the last stages of the project. This is a high performance joint sealing system consisting of a flexible TPO waterproofing tape and Combiflex epoxy adhesive, in this case Sikadur-31 DW. The Sikadur-Combiflex SG bandage System is employed primarily in the construction of water retaining structures and reservoirs. As a highly specialised waterproofing system, it is used for expansion and connection joints as well as for cracks; when fixed to the joint, it allows irregular and high movement in more than one direction, whilst maintaining a high quality seal. It is used for sealing high movement and irregular joints and cracks where the use of conventional sealing techniques is not possible.

Challenges on site included time constraints as the project was planned to commence in June 2017 and only started in November. The original deadline was set for 5 December but as there were project delays, this was not possible. Sika was able to bring in product for other branches around the country in order to fulfill the requirements the contractor had and therefore Aquaproof Projects were able to conduct final inspection by the end of January 2018.