In 1910 Sika was founded and made history by introducing an innovative new type of mortar to stop water infiltration. This breakthrough product was Sika-1, as it is known today, a liquid waterproofing admixture for mortar and concrete. Sika-1 was the first product ever formulated by Sika and is still widely used, in the very same foolproof and unmatched formula, which helped establish Sika’s reputation as the manufacturer of a diverse range of top quality products for the construction industry.

In the near 100 years since Sika-1 was launched, Sika has gone on to develop and manufacture an effective and durable range of waterproofing products and systems that are targeted to meet the specific demands of both professional contractors and domestic customers for both indoor and outdoor applications.

A fundamental product in the waterproofing field is Sika’s Cemflex, an acrylic based emulsion which improves the water resistance and adhesion of Portland cement based composites. When mixed with cement and water, Cemflex forms an effective waterproofing slurry that is used in conjunction with Cemflex Fabric, typically for waterproofing of shower floors and walls, balcony and veranda floors (under tiles), reservoirs and retaining walls. This universal waterproofer and bonding agent is watertight and is ideal for submerged or subterranean waterproofing; it has good abrasion resistance, is non-toxic and oil resistant and is UV stable.

Sika’s advanced technology has also produced Sika Seal Waterproofing Slurry, a one component, ready to use, cementitious waterproofing mixture. This waterproofing slurry was specially developed as a brush applied coating to prevent moisture ingress to outside walls. It can be applied on concrete, masonry block, retaining walls or breeze blocks. The addition of synthetic pigments makes it a versatile and aesthetically pleasing slurry coat, which can also be used for decorative purposes. When mixed with SikaCim Colour range of pigments, the grey SikaSeal Waterproofing Slurry produces warm earthy tones, while the white SikaSeal offers bright, clear shades.

Another of Sika’s renowned waterproofing products is Sikalite, a powdered waterproofing admixture which blocks the capillaries and pores in cement and sand mortars preventing the movement of moisture. This easy to use, economical waterproofing agent can be used to waterproof walls and facades, floor toppings and jointing mortars.

These are just a few of Sika’s wide selection of waterproofing products available direct to contractors and through a wide selection of DIY outlets nationwide.