Sika has been providing innovative systems and consistently high-quality products since 1910, so the specification of Sika flooring products was an expert choice by Concrete Laser Flooring contractors recently. The Umlazi campus of the Coastal KZN College, the largest college in Kwa-Zulu Natal, called in Concrete Laser Flooring to surface 1,400 square metres of surface area in the new Mechanical Engineering facilities. As this building will be exposed to heavy machinery and frequent foot traffic in its days to come, it required a first-class flooring system able to withstand demanding conditions. 25 kits of Sikafloor-156ZA and 56 kits of Sikafloor-261ZA SS1 were specified for the job.

Sikafloor-156ZA, a low viscosity two-part epoxy resin, used for priming concrete surfaces was applied prior to Sikafloor-261ZA SS1. After correctly cleaning and preparing the surface by removing high spots, the multi-purpose and solvent-free primer was thoroughly mixed and easily applied. After the primer had cured, Sikafloor-261ZA, a universal epoxy resin system used for various epoxy flooring applications, was applied. This system, which can be used for high build, textured coatings, self-smoothening and broadcast floors as well as mortar screeds, was designed to be used in areas where general resistance to abrasion and chemical attack is required. For the Umlazi College, Sikafloor-261ZA SS1, a self-smoothing system, was applied as a 1 millimetre thick top coat. The system is universally applicable, economical, highly fillable and liquid-proof.

Unsurprisingly, the result of using the Sikafloor system was a highly resistant and hard-wearing quality floor. Not only did this meet the need for a durable floor surface, but it also provided a finish that is easy on the eyes, much to the client's satisfaction.