In June 2010, a six-megalitre reservoir was constructed near the King Shaka International Airport in Durban, with the help of Sika S.A., supplier of quality construction products.

The EThekwini Municipality contracted Fakazi Construction on the project to install Sika’s Combiflex bandage system to the expansion and construction joints in the reservoir. The bandage ensures that the reservoir stays water tight for the entire design life of the structure. Surface strength tests were conducted where the bandage was to be laid to check the quality of the preparation. The results of these tests were satisfactory and it was reported that the preparation by Fakazi Construction was of the highest quality. The tests were carried out before the application of Sikadur-Combiflex to ensure that the Sikadur-31 CF Normal would bond well to the substrate and not fail when the expansion joints move.

Approximately 500 metres of Sikadur-Combiflex bandage (100mm x 1mm) for sealing high movement and irregular joints was used together with 20 kits (7,5 litres each) of Sikadur-31 CF Normal, a two-part thixotropic epoxy resin adhesive. Sikadur-Combiflex Bandage System, a high performance joint sealing system consisting of a flexible Hypalon rubber waterproofing tape and Combiflex epoxy adhesive, in this case Sikadur-31 CF Normal. The Sikadur-Combiflex System is used primarily in the construction of water retaining structures and reservoirs; hydro electric power plants; sewage treatment plants; tunnels and culverts; roof or basement joints and in swimming pools. As a highly specialised waterproofing system, it is used for expansion and construction joints as well as for cracks; when fixed properly, it allows irregular and high movement in more than one direction, whilst maintaining a high quality seal.

The last product used on this hilltop project was Sikaflex PRO-2 HP, a multi-use, one component, polyurethane sealant. This high performance sealant was specified for sealing certain joints on the structure as it is suitably designed for expansion and connection joints. Advantageous to its application is good weather and ageing resistance, bubble-free curing, and 25% movement capability.

The Nyaninga reservoir was completed efficiently with thanks to Sika, much to the delight of the local community members who will most definitely benefit from its addition to the developing north coast area.