Sika was on hand with expertise when its customer, Build It, based in Wellington, was called on to supply products for the refurbishment of wine fermentation tanks on Welbedacht Wine Estate. Not only was this a job with a dash of panache attached to it, there was a hefty dollop of fame too, as Welbedacht Farm is owned by Schalk Burger & Son - son being the Springbok and Stormers rugby player. Welbedacht is a fully operational wine farm which produces three different ranges of wine: Welbedacht Estate Range, Proprietors Range and Meerkat Range. There is a full-sized cricket pitch upon which the Cape Cobras have played against the Stormers, and several dogs and two tame Meerkat enjoy the freedom of the wine farm.

Sika supplied Sikagard-63 N and Sikafloor 156ZA and gave technical advice on the application of the products, although the product was applied by Build It's well-skilled maintenance staff. Sikagard-63N is a solvent free, highly chemical, resistant coating used for protecting a wide variety of substrates against the effects of highly aggressive environments, corrosion and weathering. Sikafloor 156ZA is a two-component, epoxy based, low viscosity resin used for priming of sound concrete and cement screeds prior to the application of epoxy mortar screeds, epoxy self levelling floor toppings and epoxy overlays.