Sika’s commitment to health, safety, enviro-care and sustainability, is a global endeavor, in line with the Swiss group’s mission of constantly striving for new levels of excellence in the field of specialty chemicals. The company recently reinforced this undertaking by signing the Chemical and Allied Industries’ Association (CAIA) Responsible Care pledge at Sika’s head offices in Westmead, Durban.

Louise Lineque, Manager of Responsible Care, applauded Sika’s continued commitment to the initiative, funded and supported by the Chemical Industry, which they first signed in 1997, as she says: “Re-signing the Pledge demonstrates the company’s commitment to complying with the guiding principles of Responsible Care.” She further commented, “It’s great to see all of Sika’s staff in attendance at the ceremony to listen to me talk about the fundamental principles of the Responsible Care pledge, as it involves all members of a company and everyone must be aware of what it takes to uphold the pledge.”

Responsible Care is a worldwide initiative within the chemical industry that encourages its members to work towards improving their safety, health and environmental performance, thereby raising industry standards, addressing negative industry perceptions and cultivating a greater level of trust and understanding about members’ commitment to the public. Sustainability is a top priority for Responsible Care and members are encouraged to identify opportunities to contribute towards sustainable development.

Niall Wylde, MD of Sika S.A., at the official signing ceremony of the Responsible Care pledge Friday, 26 June 2009, said he was proud that Sika S.A. is one of 40 Sika’s subsidiaries worldwide that have signed the Responsible Care Pledge, “We are committed to Responsible Care and we are already doing the right thing through implementing an effective Environmental Management System with ISO14001; by assessing our environmental performance, setting environmental

objectives and targets, and continually improving performance levels towards achieving the set targets. When you sign something, you commit to it. Performance is all about establishing objectives, actioning delivery and achieving goals.”

Launched in South Africa in 1994, the Responsible Care initiative shares CAIA’s principles which endorse the minimising of adverse environmental impacts, sustainable development, and health and safety of employees and the public. In addition, safe standards of use, storage, handling, disposal and transportation of chemicals are promoted in order to gain greater public trust in the chemical industry. All CAIA members have voluntarily signed a pledge at CEO level, committing to these guiding principles of Responsible Care.

Following a tour of the Sika factory and warehouse tour with factory manager, Welcome Mpisi, and a visit to the laboratory and discussion with Francy Cullen, Sika S.A.’s head chemist, Lineque commented, “The tour of the factory and lab demonstrates that Sika is well on its way to implementing the appropriate management practices associated with Responsible Care and I am assured that management is committed to making the programme successful.”

Sika is a global company with a total of 80 production and marketing companies in over 60 countries. Sika is active in the field of specialty chemicals dividing its activities into two business areas; the Construction Division and the Industry Division. The company has a strong innovative tradition, constantly striving for new levels of excellence; developing innovative technologies that will open up new opportunities for the company, its employees, and its partners in trade and industry. Sika is an independent Swiss group founded in Zurich in 1910. Its shares have been listed on the SWX Swiss Exchange since 1968.