Sika is committed to supplying proven and water-tight solutions for even the most challenging requirements. When Zurich Insurance Car Wash, situated in an existing vehicle parkade in Gauteng, contracted Hindle Mason Projects (HMS) to assist in their leaky affairs, Sika's advanced waterproofing and flooring solutions were specified.

Sika’s expertise was sought when Zurich staff discovered that the unsealed substrate above the car wash was dripping water onto the cars parked below. A lack of proper drainage, as well as cracks in the concrete floor above, made such leaks a constant problem, added to which the roof had never been waterproofed to prevent such incidents, further exacerbating the problem indefinitely, unless action was taken.

Sikagard-720 EpoCem (4 kits/18.5 kg) was first applied as a moisture barrier, to allow the application of the Sikafloor-21N PurCem, a self-smoothing polyurethane screed, from delaminating due to the high moisture content in the substrate onto which it was applied. Sikagard-720 EpoCem provides excellent resistance to moist substrates, which would normally cause osmotic blistering or de-bondment of epoxy and polyurethane coatings. Sikafloor-21N PurCem (approximately 10 litres) was installed at 3mm thickness on the flooring. This highly-rated, smooth-textured product ensures a flat, professional-looking, joint-less, decorative surface which is easy to clean, high wearing and slip resistant. Sikafloor-156ZA (approximately 18 litres) was used to pre-fill and level the static cracks present in the substrate. Sikafloor-156ZA, a two-part epoxy resin primer, can be used in conjunction with all Sika Polyurethane flooring coatings, is characteristically low in viscosity, and offers good penetration ability and high bond strength.

Another product used from Sika’s range of flooring innovations was Sikafloor-66ZA. Sikafloor-66ZA (5 litres) is a solvent-based, hard-wearing, UV resistant, clear polyurethane coating and was used

as a sealer on the specified Sikafloor-21N PurCem. The high gloss Sikafloor-66ZA was utilised for its excellent adhesion, quick drying, and high durability properties.

Given just five working days to complete, HMS together with Sika, were able to deliver their client a leak-free car wash with bridged cracks and an aesthetically pleasing, slip-resistant finish. As an added bonus, the new floor sealer is now able to handle the vast temperature fluctuations associated with car wash facilities.