Sika’s innovative range of flooring products was top of mind when K&F Industries’ factory floor needed resurfacing. As a food manufacturer of biscuits, K&F has to comply with the global standards of companies such as Cadbury and Nestle, as well as the governing board for export of foodstuff. The manufacturer therefore requires a highly aesthetic floor, which conforms to health regulations, and is easily cleaned and maintained.

Hennie Wepener from Contract Control Measures confidently specified products from Sika’s high performance flooring range, and Flooring Contractors, Krochem undertook the project. Before application started, Sika conducted pull-off tests on the concrete to determine the strengths of the surface. These tests failed which necessitated the contractor removing the old screeds and replacing them with a screed of sufficiently high quality and strength to receive the Sika system.

Sikafloor-155W-N ZA (32 x 5lt) was applied directly onto the newly laid screed as a primer before the Sikafloor-81 EpoCem. Sikafloor-81 EpoCem (230 x 18.5kg) was used as a moisture barrier under the epoxy system to follow. Sikafloor-156ZA (9 x 18.2lt) was then applied to the cured Sikafloor-81 Epocem. Following this, Sikafloor-261 ZA (60 x 29,6lt) was applied as a 2mm self-smoothing topcoat.

K&F Industries confidently resumed manufacturing operations confident that their factory floor was produced to Sika’s stringent, world-class standards, ensuring the highest quality surface, which will last for many years to come.