Builders Warehouse and Sika have formed a strong alliance over the years,
with the popular retailer introducing their house range, which is made up of
Sika products. H2O Tite, Damp Tite and Fibre Tite are all existing products in
the Builder s Warehouse own-name brand. Sika has now expanded the Builder’s
Warehouse range to offer an entire waterproofing solution available in the
Builder s Warehouse own-name packaging. February 2011 sees the launch
of Builder’s Warehouse Brick Tite, Bitumen Tite, and Slurry Tite; the equivalent
to Sika BlackSeal-Brick, BlackSeal-Lastic, and SikaSeal Waterproofing Slurry.
The end of 2010 has seen the success of the Sika BlackSeal range and we
have no doubt that 2011 will offer the same successes with the new Builders
Warehouse ’Tite’ range.