Pacaltsdorp in the Western Cape is the site for a low cost housing development undertaken by main contractors Seakay Engineering, with T&T Concrete the official supplier of 25 MPA concrete and mortar to the project.

Sika Plastiment BV-40 was specified by T&T Concrete for use in the ready-made concrete slabs as this high performance admixture will ensure a better quality floor and thus a longer-lasting life span for the 904 houses which will make up the estate.

Situated on the outskirts of George just opposite the Industrial area, the project started in July 2010 with the aim of erecting the first 90 houses before the end of 2010, and thereafter 90 houses per month from February 2011. Another goal is to achieve 70% local labour on the project and to date, 100% of the labour has been local.

Each house requires 6.6 concrete cubes per floor, of which 0.4% Sika Plastiment BV-40 will be incorporated for normal applications. This versatile and economical concrete plasticiser with set retarding properties is a water reducing and retarding concrete admixture.

It is used wherever high quality structural concrete is required and can be particularly useful where exposed surfaces are important, placing conditions are difficult, poor quality aggregates are found, or in areas with high temperatures.

Sika Plastiment BV-40 offers improved workability without increased water and reduced water without loss of workability. It helps to increase and improve surface finish strengths, reduces shrinkage and creep, and enables increased setting times at high temperatures. As it is chloride-free, it does not attack reinforcement.

It is certain that with Sika’s robust Plastiment BV-40 included in their flooring foundations, these houses will see many families enjoying the stability of a happy home life, far into the future.