When Cadbury’s factory in Sydenham, Port Elizabeth, needed to undergo renovations, the urgency of the work was critical, as these internal repairs would affect production. It was with this challenge in mind that the contractor specified Sika’s innovative range of flooring products to ensure that the work could be concluded quickly and efficiently.

The requirement was to renovate and upgrade the washroom area and also repair the sophit and walls, which were damaged due to water ingress. The client requested a completely seamless system that exhibited no weak points, and William Scott Contractors decided the solution was to create permanently wet areas that would be easy to clean. The ceiling, walls and floors would need to be coated to provide a contained, seamless area. The contractors knew that the task called for high quality, reliable products, and therefore selected Sikagard-720 EpoCem ZA (38 kits), Sikafloor-31N PurCem (48 kits) and Sikafloor-21N PurCem (20 kits). To skim the ceiling and walls, Sikagard-720 EpoCem was chosen, as this superfine epoxy-cement sealing mortar enables a faster application time for Sikafloor-31N and can be applied to damp surfaces. It is used as a thin film sealer or blowhole filler on vertical and horizontal surfaces prior to the application of other Sika epoxy products.

For the floors, Sikafloor-21N PurCem was selected and for the ceilings and walls, Sikafloor-31N PurCem. Sikafloor-21N PurCem is a medium to heavy-duty self-smoothing polyurethane screed that is used in areas of medium to heavy loading, abrasion and high chemical exposure. The aim is to provide smooth, flat and decorative wearing surfaces. Sikafloor-31N PurCem is a three-part, solvent-free, high build, coloured, polyurethane modified, cement and aggregate coating. Both products have excellent chemical resistance, are odourless and voc free, and exhibit high abrasion and mechanical resistance. The products had to be applied quickly to avoid substantial downtime. The solution was to remove all existing plaster and coatings to the sophit and walls, to diamond grind the existing PU coatings to the floor, and to skim the walls and sophit with Sikagard-720

EpoCem. Sikagard-720 EpoCem is easy and fast to apply, and has good chemical and mechanical resistance. This product was chosen as it can be applied to damp substrates; in the washroom it had to be applied to high moisture areas.

There are numerous food and beverage manufacturers in the Eastern Cape, all looking for fast and long-lasting solutions. Sikagard PurCem conforms to the industry’s many requirements. These PU coatings are the future, fast-track systems.

Throughout the renovations Sika offered a comprehensive spec along with data on all products, maintaining its world-class reputation with service that was efficient, fast and professional. Due to some quick and highly effective work using Sika products, the factory lost only three days of production.