As a manufacturer of rubber and silicon components for the automotive, industrial and agricultural industries, S&N Rubber, situated in Deal Party, Port Elizabeth, needed their factory floor area to be resurfaced with a tough, low maintenance, long lasting covering. Sika’s renowned range of superior flooring products was the immediate choice of Justin Scott of William Scott Contracts.

Firstly a scraper coat, Sikafloor-261 ZA RAL 9002 (9 x 20litre kits), was applied to prevent any pinholes and to level any deviations in the factory floor. Priming the 600m2 substrate was achieved using Sikafloor-156 (10 x 18.2 litres), a two-part, low viscosity, epoxy resin providing good penetration ability and high bond strength. It is also solvent-free with the added advantage of short waiting periods between coatings.

Finally, a 2mm self-leveling topcoat of Sikafloor-261 ZA (silver grey) (41 x 20litre kits) mixed with SS2 filler component (41 kits) was applied. Due to its low viscosity and self-smoothening properties, this economical multi-purpose binder produces a high quality coating that provides good chemical and mechanical resistance, as well as a high gloss finish that is highly durable.

As the S&N Rubber factory could not be closed for any length of time, the contractor was given one week in which to complete the project. Due to the easy application and short waiting times of Sika’s advanced flooring products, this time constraint posed no problem. S&N Rubber was able to resume its manufacturing operations confident in the knowledge that their factory floor was resurfaced with the highest quality products for which Sika is world-renowned.