Sika’s robust concrete admixtures have been used to strengthen the concrete structures of many large and illustrious buildings so it is no wonder that their reputation precedes them, to the extent that nothing else would do for the construction of thousands of rural VIP precast toilets for the City of uMhlathuze.

The MIG-funded project (entitled: Rural Sanitation Phase 2: Mkhwanazi South/Dube, uMhlathuze Municipality), appointed contractor Rocla, and instructed the manufacture of 5 750 VIP toilets.

These custom-built toilets were for distribution throughout the Mkhwanazi South/Dube Traditional areas within the City of uMhlathuze’s area of jurisdiction (140 square kilometres), for the improvement of hygiene services in the local community as well as for environmental purposes.

Sika’s admixtures, Viscocrete-3088 (2 000 litres) and Viscocrete-20HE (5 000 litres) were supplied to the project for use in the manufacture of precast slabs for the toilets.

Viscocrete-20HE, a high-performance, third-generation superplasticiser which is especially suitable for producing concrete mixes which require high early-strength development, powerful water reduction and excellent flow characteristics, was used to construct an early stem for the precast slabs.

Sika Viscocrete-3088, a high-range, water-reducing concrete admixture, was used to increase the workability time.

Unskilled local labourers were trained on site by Rocla to construct a high early-strength of precast to accelerate the production time. This ensured the slabs would be set by the following day, in readiness for stripping for the next part of production of the toilets.

Sika MonoTop-610 was used for coating the steel reinforcement bars inside the slabs. This cementitious, polymer-modified, one-component, bonding slurry and anti-corrosion reinforcement primer was applied to the steel bars as corrosion protection, as it offers excellent adhesion to concrete and steel, and provides good resistance to water and chloride penetration.

Thanks to Sika, an excellent quality was achieved in the production of these new sanitary systems and a special handover of the first toilet was conducted by the City of uMhlathuze.

The residents of the Mkhwanazi South/Dube Traditional areas were overjoyed at the opening ceremony of the toilet distribution project heralding the installation of the 5 750 concrete toilets, which will bring a new level of sanitation to their lives, uplifting their community's hygiene and environmental standards forever.