Sika understands that putting their customers first is paramount. So being available instore on weekends to get to know their customers’ needs and offering them the best solutions comes second nature to Sika people. Sika is delighted to offer retail customers their own ‘Sika Fun Days’, which include the presence of Sika technical advisers instore, showcasing and demonstrating Sika products, handing out samples and information brochures, offering boerewors rolls outside the store and Sika MIY (Men-in-Yellow) providing extra support to customers.

Phillip Boshoff, Cape Town Area Sales Manager for Distribution and his MIY, Devon Theron, treated Builders Warehouse City branch to a Sika Fun Day recently. Phillip performed product demonstrations of Sika MaxTack, a must-have multipurpose grab adhesive for general DIY jobs, showing customers how to use the product on various substrates. Interested customers were encouraged to get involved and were soon applying the product themselves, getting a feel of its strength and flexibility, and expressing how easy this multipurpose adhesive was to use. There were also enquiries about Sika’s other popular sealing and bonding product Sikaflex-11FC and waterproofing products Cemflex and H²OTite.

Not to be outdone, the kiddies were treated to a demo of Phillip’s balloon sculpting talents, calling for their balloons to be sculpted into myriad shapes, and thereby keeping everyone happy. Sika Fun Days will be a core focus throughout South Africa, so keep an eye out for these exciting Sika events in your area.