The South African construction industry with its myriad challenging projects is demanding more and more workability time of fresh concrete, in order to be as flexible as possible. The solution for this demand is Sika’s latest technology Sika ViscoFlow. In the area of concrete admixtures for ready-mixed and site-mixed concrete, the Sika ViscoFlow product group opens up new possibilities for retention of the consistency of concrete and thus for its workability over periods of hours.

The key element of Sika ViscoFlow is the latest technology polycarboxylate ether-based superplasticiser, which enhances the workability time significantly, allowing for the period needed to transport and place the concrete properly. The initial setting of the concrete is thereby only extended by the additional workability time gained by the use of  this polymer. This is important for urban construction sites with congested traffic, or in remote areas resulting in long transportation times. The workability time can thus be defined based on the requirements:

  • Slump retention without additional retardation and subsequent fast strength development
  • Constant slump flow and consistency of your concrete for hours
  • Suitable for a wide range of applications with high or low water/cement ratio and/or high or low ambient temperatures

Consistency and duration of workability of the concrete mixture are thereby positively affected along the entire dosing spectrum. This holds true for all Portland cement types.   Sika ViscoFlow superplasticisers are adapted to local conditions in every country and are thereby always based on proven Sika ViscoCrete Technology. Consistent and rigorous further development has generated extremely robust PCEs for daily use, which are provided globally under the Sika ViscoFlow brand name.

Sika ViscoFlow represents a valuable addition to Sika’s polymer toolbox, broadening the range of applications and fulfilling challenging customer requirements.

  • Sika ViscoFlow can be used for high performance slump retention in any concrete facilitating an ensured target. This stabilising effect can be achieved without any additional retardation of the initial setting.
  • The extended workability time of high performance concrete with a low water/cement ratio and therefore high durability properties can also be set with Sika ViscoFlow.
  • Under different environmental circumstances such as hot temperatures, the required workability time can be achieved with Sika ViscoFlow.