After fire damaged the psychiatric ward at Addington Hospital in Durban, one of Sika’s internationally distinguished products came to the rescue. Uncertain whether heat may have compromised the concrete roof slab covering the ward corridors, TGC Engineers decided that as a precautionary measure, Sika’s CarboDur Plates would be the ideal solution for the repair project.

Consisting of pultruded carbon fibre reinforced polymer (CFRP), Sika CarboDur Plates are specifically designed for strengthening of concrete as well as timber and masonry structures. These plates are bonded onto the structure as an external reinforcement using Sikadur-30 epoxy adhesive. The Sika CarboDur system is used for strengthening in situations such as: changes in the structural system; for load increase; where structural elements have been damaged such as the Addington Hospital fire damage; or for design or construction defects resulting in inadequate reinforcement and structural depth. These laminates have very high strength, excellent durability, are non-corrosive, lightweight and provide outstanding fatigue resistance. Being supplied in rolls of varying sizes, this lightweight, easy to transport product is simple to install, especially overhead, and, with its outstanding fatigue resistance, provides excellent durability.

Additional Sika products specified were Sikadur-30 and Sikadur-31 CF Normal. Both are two-part, thixotropic adhesives based on a combination of epoxy resins and special fillers, and were used to bond the Sika CarboDur Plates (S512 x 120m) onto the concrete roof slab. Prior to bonding, Sikadur-31 CF Normal was used as a re-profiling agent to fill in any surface imperfections. Once cured, the CarboDur Plates were cleaned with Colma Cleaner and then bonded to fifty of the corridor beams, each strip measuring 2.4 metres.

Although time was a factor of this project and surface preparation was vital, the specialist contractor, Amfra Maintenance Services, completed the work timeously, helped considerably by the ease of application of Sika’s superior products.

Addington Hospital can be confident in the knowledge that its staff and patients in the psychiatric ward have been more than adequately protected by a Sika product that is used worldwide to repair earthquake damage.