Sika has recently received several major distinctions that reinforce its role as a leading global company. In June 2012, Sika was elevated into Switzerland’s top 30-company Swiss Leader Index (SLI). This followed on the heels of the announcement that Sika is, for the first time, one of the top 50 Swiss Brands, and that Sika is being added to the list of the 20 companies in Switzerland with the most patents registered. These three accolades happened in a matter or weeks.

On 14 June 2012 Sika made significant strides to becoming a recognized, leading, global company. Due to higher sales and profits, and consequently its growing market value, as well as the turnover of Sika stocks traded at the Swiss Stock Ex- change SIX, Sika will be elevated from the Swiss Small and Midcap Index into the prestigious Swiss Leader Index (SLI). Listed in the SLI are Switzerland’s top 30 companies, including world renowned Nestlé, Novartis, Roche, ABB, Holcim and Schindler.

A few weeks prior, Sika was awarded an entry into the list of the Top 50 Swiss Brands. Few business-to-business companies ever realise this esteemed ranking, dominated by strong consumer brands such as Nescafé, Roche, Rolex, Adecco, Logitech and Swatch. As specified in the ranking: “Sika relies on strength of innovation and invests continuously in expanding its technology base, offering advanced solutions to its customers. Sika is a highly trusted brand and has a high global reputation.”

As a further sign of innovativeness, Sika was listed in the Top 20 companies with the most patents registered in Switzerland. This high rank stands for high competitiveness.

These profound accolades are all extremely positive signs and demonstrate Sika’s ambition and power to become the leader in their defined target markets.