With “We do it for the passion!” as their motto, the Dolphin Development Surf Club certainly inspire enthusiasm and support for their cause. When John Zehmke, Sales Consultant at Sika’s PE branch, was approached by Riaad Salie of Africoast, a customer of Sika’s, to assist in sponsoring the Dolphin Development School, he jumped at the oppoortunity to get involved. Sika has sponsored the cost of surf rash vests for 20 of the students, which will ensure they are equipped safely and proficiently for their new sport.

The Dolphin Development School enables underprivileged children to gain exposure to the wonderful yet competitive atmosphere of the surfing fraternity and the joys of being in and around the ocean. The school hopes to give these children a sense of purpose, pride and direction and it has instilled aspirations to excel at the sport by entering the best achievers into Grommet Development trials, an event hosted by Surfing South Africa in Port Elizabeth.