Situated on Meyersdal Eco Estate in Alberton, south east of Johannesburg is a newly constructed “green” mansion called Hough House.

Valued at approximately R20million, this magnificent home was designed by Recreate Architects for Andrew Hough of the Hough Group, one of the country’s key suppliers of polycarbonate roof sheeting. IJ van der Walt Consulting Engineers in conjunction with Conrad Hough had no hesitation in specifying Sika’s world class products to complete this special residence which has been built to the highest standards seen in the construction industry.

After extensive consultations with Sika, a number of its innovative products were selected. The owner had specified that he wanted a solution that would work, that all work should be done to the book and that he didn’t want any comebacks. As is always the case, Sika ensured that contract workers were adequately trained on the full use of its specified products.

One such product was Cemflex, an acrylic based emulsion, which forms effective waterproofing slurry when mixed with Portland cement. The entire interior and exterior home was coated with this Cemflex plaster mix, providing a watertight, abrasion resistant, non-toxic, oil resistant and UV stable protective layer.

Connection joints around all windows and doors were sealed with Sikaflex PRO-2 HP, a one-part, low modulus elastic joint sealant based on polyurethane. Possessing excellent workability characteristics and a 25% movement capability, this moisture curing sealant also provides good weather and ageing resistance.

The SikaRoof MTC System of products was used to waterproof the garage and roof of this magnificent home. Primers used were Sika Concrete Primer, a two-component, rapid-curing, high solids, solvent based polyurea, and Sikalastic Metal Primer, which is a tough, solvent based amide- curing primer. The roof of the main house, measuring 720m2 was waterproofed using Sikalastic-601 BC base coat, followed by Sikalastic-621 TC, a UV stable top coat. The 250m2 garage roof was waterproofed using Sikalastic-602 BR base coat, followed by Sikalastic-622 TR as the top coat. This area was then converted into a study overlooking a roof garden and koi pond.  Both Sika products used are highly root resistant making them ideally suited for this application. Another feature of the home is a five metre high vertical garden, or living wall, standing proudly at the entrance which was also waterproofed with the SikaRoof MTC System.

These four Sikalastic products are all cold-applied, seamless and fully bonded, and consist of highly elastic, moisture-triggered polyurethane. For reinforcement, these products were combined with Sika Reemat Premium, a glass fibre mat which ensures the correct thickness of the base coat as well as enhancing the crack-bridging properties of the base coat.

A special feature inside Hough House is an 80m2 home theatre, which was sealed by adding Sikalite, a powdered waterproofing admixture, to the Cemflex emulsion.

A 200,000 litre reservoir situated next to the garage was waterproofed using SikaTop Seal-107 ZA a two-part polymer modified cementitious mortar slurry. Easy to apply either by hand or spray method, it provides excellent adhesion and protects concrete against carbonation and water penetration. It is non-corrosive to steel and iron and is approved for potable water contact.

To date, the main challenge encountered on site during this on-going project was the height of the water table which complicated the waterproofing of the basement.

Hough House, standing majestically on this eco estate, surrounded by roaming wildlife, is almost 100% green, and once completed, will use solar power as well as solar heating (and a battery room). Rain water falling onto the garage roof garden, will be channeled into the reservoir for use in the garden and home, while some will be filtered for use as drinking water.

Sika is honoured to have played such an integral part in this environmentally friendly project and the Hough Group can rest assured that Hough House, having been constructed and coated to the highest possible levels using Sika’s renowned products, will stand proud for decades to come.