Sika took top prize in the Category B1 - Specialist contractors or Suppliers – of the prestigious CONSTRUCTION WORLD BEST PROJECTS COMPETITION 2012. The winning entry was for the massive 4 Dorp Street, Cape Town project. This project was managed by Sika’s Anthony Webster.

Sika solutions for renovation of 4 Dorp Street, Cape Town

In 2010 Group 5 was awarded a contract by the City of Cape Town to renovate 4 Dorp Street, a Western Cape Government, multi-storey building situated in the heart of the city. BVI Consulting Engineers was contracted to manage all civil engineering aspects of the project. The primary objective of the renovation was to repair the failing façade which had been crumbling over a number of years and was becoming a threat to pedestrian and vehicular safety. Jakupa Architects stated that the solution had to be simple, low maintenance, sustainable, and hold as lengthy a guarantee as possible to ensure longevity of the building. It was decided to strip the building and treat the façade with cementitious waterproofing. Jakupa Architects and CS Studio Architects specified no less than 18 of Sika’s advanced technology products for the renovations, which included concrete repairs, joint sealing, waterproofing and protective coating.

Construction technology innovation

One of the initial challenges of this project was encountered during surface preparations, when water jet pressure, which was originally quoted, was found to be insufficient to create adequate open-pore surfaces for maximum adhesion. Once the building had been stripped and suitably prepared, two applications (1mm thick) of SikaTop Seal-107 ZA were applied over the entire building, covering a complete surface area of 28 400 m². SikaTop Seal-107 ZA was also used over concrete repairs on the building as a curing compound.

The window renovations called for the supply of Sikaflex-11FC and Sikaflex AT-Façade. Preparation of the windows necessitated the use of Sika Cleaner-205 and Sika Primer-3N.  Concrete renovations to the building were carried out using Sika MonoTop-610, Sika MonoTop-615HB, Sika MonoTop-612 and Sika Rep LW.  Sika Cemflex, Sika Latex, SikaTop-Armatec 110 EpoCem and other products were also used.

Environmental impact consideration

Three examples of sustainable Sika products used are Sikaflex 11FC, SikaTop Seal-107 ZA, Sikaflex AT Façade, however many of the other products used also exhibit such sustainable characteristics and have thus also contributed to the environmental impact consideration of the project.

Health and Safety

For protection of the glass as well as worker safety, all windows were insulated with reusable timber boards. There were no health and safety issues caused by working with Sika products on site and no harm was caused carrying out applications of Sika products.

Corporate social investment

At least 80 local, untrained, previously disadvantaged labour force staff was trained by Sika in concrete repair. Sika’s Cape Town Areas Sales Manager held nine training sessions, which were updated on a monthly basis. Sika presented 80 certificates of concrete repair and application, joint sealing training, protective coatings and the use of Sika systems to the labour force.

Motivating facts about the project

Upon completion of the facelift/renovations to 4 Dorp Street, the City of Cape Town can feel justly proud of one of its city centre buildings and will be secure in the knowledge that 18 of Sika’s internationally recognised and approved products have featured in every facet of the renovations. More than 2,000 concrete and other structural repairs were completed on this project. Every one of these repairs utilized Sika products. No other product or systems supplier was used on this project, all construction product used was Sika.

The total volumes of Sika products used on the 4 Dorp Street project to date are:

11 465.2 Litres

321 650 Kilograms