On February 14th this year, Sika’s Debbie Westwood spent her favourite annual event at Buco Pinetown. “Everyone deserves some extra spoiling on Valentine’s Day and this year I committed a full day of festivities in store to one of my important clients.” says Debbie.


Buco Pinetown requested that Sika send Debbie to their store on Valentine’s Day to make their customers feel special and create a festive vibe in store. Debbie dressed up in her famous yellow dungarees with red accessories in honour of the occasion. She handed customers a gorgeous red rose and a sweet as a treat, while showing off her Sika dungarees.

When a group of contractors arrived at the store to purchase supplies, Debbie learned that they were loyal Sika customers and always use Sika products for the vast majority of their projects. All in a day’s work!