Sika Improves East Rand BRT

It was at the 32nd Southern African Transportation Conference in 2013 that the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality highlighted the dire need for improved public transport services between Tembisa and Kempton Park on the East Rand. The existing rail service in the region was unable to cope with the ever-increasing commuter population. This resulted in one of Sika’s concrete curing compounds playing an important role in the new Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system currently undergoing construction between the two areas.

The design of the roadway called for the use of a red-pigmented concrete lane along which the buses would travel. The initial curing compound used for the bus lane did not comply with specifications as the concrete turned pink. Internationally approved Sikafloor-CureHard-24 was then specified and proved highly successful.  It is a high-solids, one part, transparent, sodium silicate-based liquid used to cure, harden and seal fresh or hardened concrete. Providing good penetration and improved cleanability, Sikafloor-CureHard-24 is solvent-free, colourless, odourless and environmentally friendly.

This vast project commenced in October 2014 when King Civil Engineering Contractors commenced preparation of the surface area covering 22 000m2. Fortunately for the contractor, Sikafloor-CureHard-24 is supplied ready to use and is easy to apply. It improves the chemical and abrasion resistance of concrete and reduces water loss from new concrete whilst in the curing phase.

Kudos to Ekurhuleni Municipality, who after the conference moved into top gear to introduce an improved, safe, and cost effective public transport system for its citizens, can rest assured that the Sika-protected concrete lanes between Tembisa and Kempton Park will easily withstand heavy traffic loads. Once completed, this new BRT system will greatly improve the lives of the many thousands of local commuters.