Sika believes in investing in the foundation of future generations. When Sika Head Office in KZN was approached by the VN Naik School for the Deaf in Newlands, near Durban, to help with the supply of flooring materials for their motor mechanics classroom, the international supplier of construction products agreed to take on the project as part of their corporate social responsibility programme, which has been running for five years.

After the Income Development officer at VN Naik School, Dean Pillay, investigated the costs of materials to replace the damaged classroom floor, he found they were more than his maintenance budget allowed for, so instead, he went direct to the company, Sika! Mervyn Naidoo, Sika’s KZN Regional Manager received his proposal and shortly after approved the project, which would entail lifting the existing cracked and uneven floor and replacing it with a special Epoxy coating.

Naidoo recommended Sikafloor-261 SS2, in Platinum Grey, which is a two-part epoxy self smoothening, broadcast and textured coating, mortar screed and sealer coat. This multi-purpose coating is ideal for using on concrete and cement screeds, allowing for normal to medium heavy wear such as maintenance workshops, garages and loading ramps, therefore being perfectly suited to the motor mechanics classroom at the school, which houses heavy machinery. This broadcast system is also recommended for wet process areas such as in the food and beverage industry and maintenance hangars.

As the size of the workshop is 240 square metres, the outsourced project would normally have cost around R60, 000.00. To further save on labour costs, Sika’s team of experts also laid the flooring themselves, further showing their commitment to this worthy cause.  Naidoo admitted, “This appeal for sponsorship really stood out as we felt it would lay the foundation for these disabled children, who are unable to hear, to learn the skills which would lead to opportunities in their future”.

Approximately 250 learners attend VN Naik School for the Deaf, from the age of five years upwards. The motor mechanics teacher, Larry Sookan, was very grateful to Sika, and said: “The classroom could not be used previously because it did not pass the Merseta standards set for education purposes, being cracked and porous so pupils could slip and injure themselves”. However, he is confident they will be awarded Merseta accreditation for the newly laid Sika floor. Principal of the school, Mr TM Govender, was also most appreciative of Sika’s generous contribution and their prompt response to the appeal. “Without the support of sponsors such as Sika, we would not be able to provide the learning environment conducive to teaching our children and training them to become independent citizens.”