Solutions for Precast Concrete

Concrete Fibers

Enhancement of concrete properties and aid in the reduction of shrinkage

Corrosion Inhibitors

A migratory impregnation which absorbs onto reinforcing steel to protect against corrosion and to extend the service life of concrete.

Curing Compounds

Antisol is sprayed onto newly laid concrete surfaces to form a thin barrier against premature water loss.

Set & Hardening Accelerators

Accelerators or set controllers are used to control the setting times in concrete


Superplasticizer are used in precast concrete for high strength structural concrete to increase workability or reduce water demand.


Powder additive to densify concrete mixes

Waterproofing Admixtures

Waterproofing  admixtures for the waterproofing of walls and facades, and preparing waterproof floor toppings and jointing mortars.

Water Reducers (high range)

Powerful plasticising and water reducing agents