Cape Town

Relying on builders means trusting them. Workmanship aside, one wants assurance that they use the best quality products on your house so that you have no comebacks later. Unfortunately, that was not the case for a Sika customer who had endless hassles with a brick wall. It had been built two years prior and yet the wall remained wet from absorbing, and retaining, water. This, after the builder had guaranteed them that he had coated the wall with Sikagard®-703 W, the best product for the purpose. By remaining wet, the wall was being physically and chemically aged, and encouraged the growth of various lichens and algaes. The result was a quest for a failsafe solution.  


The customer contacted Sika offices in Cape Town and was put in touch with David van der Ross, a Sika Distribution representative. The client requested David’s assistance in trying to understand the reasoning behind the perpetual wet state of the wall, and what his recommendations would be for a long-lasting solution. After initial discussions, David undertook to go to the customers house to investigate further. On closer inspection, David could see that a low-quality product had been used on the wall and decided to do a trial. He applied Sikagard®-703 W to a part of the wall, and then poured water over the entire wall, thus comparing the existing treatment with the new. It became immediately obvious that the Sikagard®-703 W was the winning product solution, as it prevented water ingress on the wall.

Sikagard®-703 W is a silane / siloxane water repellent impregnation that protects buildings against water ingress. This in turn increases the aesthetics and durability of the buildings. The treatment is invisible, so does not alter the appearance of the façade, and provides resistance to moss, stains and dirt. Sikagard®-703 W will prevent the physical and chemical aging of the wall.

Sika prides themselves on being an all-rounder when it comes to reliable products and meaningful sales service. At Sika, it is not just about making a sale, but also building trust between our clients and our products. David van der Ross, is a testimony to the great after-sales service we provide.  

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