High performance resins and customized solutions for composites industry, from the model to the part, structural adhesive, as well as casting resins and functional coatings for electronic devices and industrial filters.

High Quality EP and PUR Systems

Sika offers customized solutions with local support and worldwide availability from the model to the part, including the appropriate structural adhesives.
In addition, we offer casting resins and functional coatings for dielectrics and for filters.

Our products, technologies and expertise cover a wide range of applications:

  • Block Materials
  • Model and Mold Making Pastes
  • Gelcoats and Laminating Systems
  • Composite Resin Systems
  • Electronic Potting and Casting
  • Epoxy and Polyurethane Casting
  • Low Pressure RIM Systems
  • Elastomeric Casting Resins
  • Technical Casting
High performance epoxy and polyurethane casting
> 1,000,000
SikaBlock® boards have been used last 2 decades for the production of design/master models and for manufacturing tools
of different potlifes, heat resistance properties or transparent effects with SikaBiresin® epoxy and polyurethane casting resins