Depending on the type of floor covering – from wood to tile to synthetic, soft floor – the most suitable adhesive and setting system must be selected. Our floor covering adhesive and setting systems, together with our compatible waterproofing, levelling, screeds and primers, have been developed for a wide range of markets including transportation, manufacturing, healthcare, education, retail, commercial, administrative and even private, residential uses.    

Tailored Adhesive Solutions for Your Desired Finish Floor

Wood floor bonding with SikaBond® adhesive

Wood Floor

We provide a full range of products for wood floor setting – from leveling and adhesives to wood varnish.

Our SikaBond® adhesive line strongly bonds wood to most substrates, including concrete, plywood and levelling or patch underlayments that have been properly prepared.

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Hand applying mortar - Sika tile adhesive for tile setting

Tiled Flooring

For tiled flooring, it is crucial to select the right tile installation system, including the correct surface preparation, waterproofing, tile setting, tile grouting and joint sealing. We provide a comprehensive system of compatible products from primers, repair and leveling mortars, waterproofing membranes and tapes, tile adhesive, tile grout mortars, and joint sealants to be used as integrated systems.

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Blue rubber tile floor being bonded with adhesive applied by hand trowel

Soft, Resilient Floor

Whether you are looking for the best adhesive for soft floors like vinyl, carpet, rubber, PVC, linoleum, jute, cork or synthetic fabrics, Sika will provide you the suitable product. They have low VOC emissions and provide high underfoot comfort.

* Soft, Resilient Flooring Adhesives, currently not available in South Africa.