ADHESIVE BONDING TECHNOLOGIES have made huge advances in the last 30 years and Sika has been at the forefront in developing both rigid and elastic adhesive bonding solutions that have an almost unlimited number of different applications in new construction and building maintenance.

The main advantages of adhesive bonding over mechanical fixings are in their speed and economy of use, without sacrificing durability. Other important benefits include that no holes need to be made in the substrate and so there is no drilling and no other penetrations are made into the concrete or other substrates.

Sika elastic adhesive bonding technology has produced a wide range of adhesive solutions with products and systems that can also accommodate vibration and thermal movement from different materials and substrates.  

Our Range of Flexible Bonding Products

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Stixall Extreme Power
Sikaflex®-118 Extreme Grab
Sikaflex®-112 Crystal Clear