SIKA HAS ALSO BEEN a pioneer in the development of concrete repair and protection technologies and as a result has also been the global technology and market leader for many years. The extensive range of materials provided also includes multi-purpose repair products that can be used all around a building to repair not only concrete, but also cement rendering, brick and block masonry and natural stone surfaces wherever required.

The continuous research and development in our laboratories around the world, combined with our extensive practical experience on site in all continents, means that the Sika range of building repair products is the most complete. This includes repairs to physical and chemical damage to concrete, plus damage to concrete caused by steel reinforcement corrosion. In addition there are Sika repair products to level and re-profile concrete surfaces, including pre-painting repairs to fill and seal honeycombs, plus special solutions for crack sealing and repair. The repair materials include systems for hand placed repairs, poured concrete repairs and sprayed concrete repairs.  

Our Range of Repair & Protection Products


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