Waterproofing Solutions from Basement to Roof

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Waterproofing of internal basement walls
Waterproof System for a Flat Roof
Waterproof System for a Flat Roof

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Waterproofing Specialists for over 110 years

With over 110 years’ experience, Sika offers a trusted range of roofing and waterproofing products that have been tried and tested. Designing an entire watertight building, from the basement to the roof, entails the development of solutions for a wide range of applications - solutions that can be installed practically and provide permanent protection.

Every day, basements, wet rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens, terraces, and balconies and, very importantly, roofs of a building, are exposed to intense moisture, rainwater, and fluctuations of temperatures, all contributing to its deterioration.

Sika provides a complete range of waterproofing solutions for building or renovating your areas even by realizing most creative ideas and designs.

Water is life, so how can you enjoy water without damaging your house?

By counting on efficient and long-lasting Sika waterproofing solutions.

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With Sika you can enjoy water by managing it!

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