Are you experiencing damp? Sika has a damp proofing solution that will guarantee you to get rid of your damp for good.


What you will need

  • Cemflex®
  • Cemflex® Membrane
  • Sikalite®
  • Portland Cement
  • Water
  • Wire brush
  • Block brush / large paint brush
  • Bucket to mix
  • Gloves
  • Mask
  • Mechanical mixer and paddle (quantities exceeding 5l).


Before & After

Damp walls to be damp proofed
Damp walls that have been damp proofed

Step 1

All coatings are to be taken off the walls. In severe cases where plaster has deteriorated,  walls should be broken back to concrete or brickwork.

Step 2

Entire area should be cleaned and prepared for plasterwork. Once cleaned dampen surface with water, however make sure there is no standing water on the surface.

Step 3

Brush the first layer of the Cemflex® slurry onto the surface and allow to dry, the following day should be long enough. (see datasheet of Cemflex® for mixing instruction and mix ratio.)

Guideline Ratios

Cemflex® Slurry:  1 litre Cemflex® + 1 litre water + 3.4kg Portland cement = 6-8m²

Sikalite®: 1kg Sikalite® to 50kg cement and 2 and half wheelbarrows of good plaster sand

Step 4

Apply a second coat of Cemflex® slurry that will act as a bonding agent and while the second coat is still wet and tacky, apply the plaster where Sikalite® has been added into the mixture.


GOOD TO KNOW: In severe cases sometimes three layers of Cemflex® slurry would be recommended with two layers of plaster.

Step 5

An optional recommendation would then be to brush Sikagard®-905 W on top of the plaster once it is dry. No plaster primer is needed before coating the Sikagard®-905 W onto the plaster.



This system does not prevent rising damp. In cases of rising damp, you may have to treat your floor screed to prevent moisture creep across the floorscreed.